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Power wheelchairs are available to those who qualify for program

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The Senior Wheels USA Program makes free power wheelchairs available to senior citizens and people with permanent disabilities. Power wheelchairs are provided to those who can no longer walk or self-propel a manual wheelchair, and who meet the guidelines of the program. No deposit is required. Call 1-800-246-6010 for more information.

— Anchorage Daily News”

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Small wheelchair car you drive with a joystick

Who knows if possible in the US, but an interesting idea for metro areas or suburban areas without adequate public transportation and with stupidly designed sidewalks.

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Friday, June 16, 2006

Small wheelchair car you drive with a joystick
This Hungarian (concept?) car, the Kenguru, is designed as a stylish small vehicle for wheelchair users. You can wheel your chair right into it and drive it with a joystick.”

Wheelchairs given design makeover

I’d like to see more real-world testing. Britain used to have 3-wheeled cars for the handicapped which were eventually banned as too dangerous. Ditto for ATVs (4-wheelers when they were 3-wheelers).

By Geoff Adams-Spink
Age & disability correspondent, BBC News website

Mike Spindle decided to redesign the wheelchair from scratch
A designer who has spent most of his career working on parts for Formula One cars has come up with a new, off-road wheelchair.

The Trekinetic K2 dispenses with the old tubular chassis and uses a carbon fibre monocoque instead….

The K2 has three wheels – two large ones at the front that can take mountain bike tyres – and a smaller one at the back.

The company says it is ideally suited for off-road use but can be just as useful in towns and cities too.

The wheels have an easily adjustable camber so that the chair can have a slimmer profile for going through doorways and a wider – and more stable – 24 degree camber for outdoor activities….

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Wheelchair mods!

Inside this site are pictures, opinions, directions and part lists for making inventions to help myself and hopefully others in the same need. This was established to show others with low vision or physical problems, what adaptations can be made to help them function in the world with off the shelf parts and tips.

Wheelchair design looks to the South

Wheelchair design looks to the South [read it all]
20 February 2004 Source: New Scientist

In the West, a wheelchair user needs to get from car to building. In the developing world it’s a different story rough terrain, unpaved roads and diverse cultural and practical needs, all demanding considerable ingenuity in chair design.

In this interview, Ralf Hotchkiss a wheelchair designer and user relates how insights from counterparts in South America, Africa and other developing regions revolutionised his understanding of what disabled people there face, and need.

Hotchkiss has designed cheap, custom-made wheelchairs for people ranging from disabled Zambian footballers to women in rural African villages. He also actively promotes indigenous wheelchair design and manufacture in developing countries, and teaches many Third World designers who subsequently bring their know-how home.

from the great SciDev Net (for grassrooted scientists)

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