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from the October, 2006 EPA Aging Initiative List Serve

Civic Ventures announced second year of the Purpose Prize
The Purpose Prize provides five awards of $100,000 and ten awards of $10,000 to people over 60 who are taking on society’s biggest challenges. It’s for those with the passion and creativity to discover new opportunities, the experience to come up with practical solutions, and the determination to make lasting change. Entries are due by [deadline] January 31, 2007 To read more about the prize and how to apply see

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The Purpose Prize Experience Corps –

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The Purpose Prize Experience Corps

It pays to advertuise on public broadcasting– I heard about this opportunity on NPR radio.

The prize for social innovators over 60 years of age is sponsored in part by the Lead with Experience non-profit,

….At the heart of the effort is The Purpose Prize, which will celebrate and support five outstanding individuals 60 or older who are already producing significant social innovation and accomplishing work of great importance.

Unlike any other major national award or fellowship, The Purpose Prize will challenge prevailing perceptions by investing significantly in carefully screened social innovators over the age of 60. Each year we will award $100,000 prizes to five individuals who have demonstrated uncommon vision, determination and entrepreneurialism in addressing community and national problems. The Purpose Prize will tell the stories of these and dozens of other innovators in the second half of life.

Rather than a lifetime achievement award, however, we view the Purpose Prize as a down payment on what these 60-plus innovators will do next. Beyond the Prize, Civic Ventures is establishing a Fund for Innovation that will make grants to help these and other older innovators to take their ideas to scale or create new breakthroughs….

Nominations are due 2006 February 28.

I hope they consider folks who aren’t Yuppies or upper middle class New Agers. It makes me nervous when something is advertised as a “new movement” or “inspiring new group of role models”.

An inspiring new group of role models for “engaged retirement” is emerging. Unwilling to stuff envelopes or go off quietly to the sidelines, these change-makers are taking matters into their own hands and fashioning a new vision of the second half of life, one in which the expertise and talent of a lifetime is refocused on finding solutions to challenges in our communities, our country, and the world.

However, it is certainly an idea worth exploring, especially in rural areas where it is especially difficult to marshall resources and where too often still older people don’t know their rights.

Take a look at the rest of the site —

About Experience Corps
Experience Corps® offers new adventures in service for Americans over 55. Now in 14 cities, Experience Corps works to solve serious social problems, beginning with literacy….Experience Corps is a signature program of Civic Venture

Other Volunteer Opportunities

If Experience Corps has not reached your area yet, consider contacting other volunteer agencies in your community, such as those listed here.

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