Todd Palin’s grandmother

A good article to read, especially this time of this year.

Yup’ik ties give Palins unique Alaska connection
NATIVE: Grandmother on Todd’s side calls the governor a ‘special gal.’ By TOM KIZZIA

Lena Andree, Todd Palin's grandmother, Sarah Palin's in-law

Lena Andree, Todd Palin's grandmother, Sarah Palin's in-law

Published: October 19th, 2008 11:20 PM
Last Modified: October 19th, 2008 10:04 AM

HOMER — Like many Alaska Natives of her generation, Lena Andree, Todd Palin’s 87-year-old Yup’ik grandmother, grew up living between two worlds. [read more]

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8 Responses to “Todd Palin’s grandmother”

  1. 1 naomi dagen bloom 2008 November 4 at 6:56 am

    Vuee, Thanks for the link to this fascinating grandmother story. Too bad Ms. Sarah cannot relate more appropriately to the larger Alaska. About to go vote here in unreal America. Good thing is that we in lower forty-eight are now challenged to think more about this state, so curious to us…like Texas.

    To a better future!-naomi

  2. 2 Ronnie Bray 2010 March 29 at 7:53 am

    Is it coincidence that other members of Sarah Palin’s family are much nicer than she is?

  3. 3 vuee 2010 March 29 at 9:46 am

    From what I have seen, I think there is a difference between the in-laws and the Heaths.

    On the other hand, Todd as the secret governor as revealed in the emails, was certainly not nice to many. Maybe it’s contagious?

  4. 4 Ronnie Bray 2010 March 29 at 1:23 pm

    The histories of the Caesars should provide means for sober reflection on the conduct of such down home folks as Caligula once the mantle of office was draped across his shoulders and he assumed the nature and character of deity.

    Perhaps I make too much of this, but when Ms Palin was – briefly – Governor of Alaska, her husband was active in efforts to have Alaska cut itself off from the other 49 States of the Union. His wife was often seen stumping in front of banners announcing their mission statement: “Alaska First!”

    With a fervid interest in ‘Alaska First’ and the ‘Alaska Secessionist’ platform being the Palins’ primary concern, aim, and intention, might it not prove a little ‘tricky’ for Sarah to convince the intellectual giants in the Tea Bagger cult that she is “rootin’ fer America” and not just fer ‘Liddle old Hockey Mom’?

    I don’t want to be down on Sarah Pay-lin [I know – cheap shot – Mea culpa] if she doesn’t deserve my negative attention, but has any tea bagger cultist bothered to follow the Sarah Palin Money Trail lately?

    Would I be insensitive if I were to bring up:

    1. the RNC’s misplaced $150,000 dress allowance [they are in a box in the kitchen,honest ;^) ]
    2. the loss to Alaska’s revenue when she sold the Governor’s Aeroplane well under value
    3. the $100,000.00 she [pocketed for appearing at a tea-bagger love-fest
    4. the massive up-front payment she got for a book she didn’t write
    5. etc?

    Speaking as a political psychiatrist [and today I am one], shouldn’t someone point out to John McCain that it was JD Haywood’s idea to have Sarah Palin stump for him in his 2010 re-election campaign?

    Has he only happy memories of his 1999 Presidential Campaign with Sarah busy boring holes beneath the water-line of his royal barge? Has anyone asked him whether he won that campaign or not?

    I do not hate Republicans. Hate is a vice that no Christian entertains once he/she identifies it. I do not care for some Republican ideas.

    I am a socialist. I am not a communist, a Nazi, a fascist, a Stalinist, Marxist, Leninist, Maoist, or any other ‘ist’ than a Christian that believes Jesus teachings are better than those of religious or political Pharasaism.

    I am more than uncomfortable by the propaganda put out by politicians of all hues that forget that politics is about serving the people, all the people, and not about helping themselves while pretending to serve the people.

    Politicians ought not to be paid more than a junior doctor, and should not be allowed to profit by influence, nor represent commercial interests when in office or if they leave office, not to engage in any kind of business where their former influence, connections, and friends can benefit them for a period of not less than ten years after leaving office.

    That was is probably the only way we can ensure that those seeking political office are motivated by altruism and are not seeking self-aggrandizement, etc.

    It should also be a requirement for candidates for political office to stand behind every statement they make and to be ready to be called to account for telling lies, exaggerating, misquoting, wrong ascription, decontextualisation, and for giving any impression that their opponents and their co-politicos are intending to do or say something for which their is no evidence other than the ends served by cynical propagandists.

    There should also be a penalty for shouting and screaming through an amplification system when stumping. I haven’t worked out the details of that one yet, but suggestions are welcome.

    Finally, [you see, I am not entirely unmerciful!] there should always be a real-time content/fact check on what is being said …

    I exhaust myself – goodness knows what I do to patient folk.

    Keep it true, decent, civil, honest, accurate, and good-tempered.


    • 5 Jenny 2011 October 4 at 1:00 pm

      If you knew the one who made you, you would know that he wants people to take care of themselves, and work hard. It is up to the church, not the government to take care of the poor, widows and orphans. It is primarily up to the family to take care of their own. God created us – He knows how we work best, and He gives us guidlines for life. It’s pretty easy. Love Him and love others.

      The Palins are truly devoted to the calling that they have on their life. You are synical, because your father – the devil – is lying to you, and you are buying the lies. I do not call your father the devil lightly. If you do not follow Jesus Christ you do not know God. You are misguided.

      I pray that you will come to know the Lord, then you will not be so hate filled. It’s time for all you socialists to find out what this country was great for. It was great, because it is founded for religious freedom. The freedom to worship Jesus Christ and the freedom to not be under a dictatorship.

      • 6 vuee 2011 October 4 at 5:32 pm

        The Palins are truly devoted to the calling that they have on their life.

        This certainly seems to be the case but loving one’s neighbors as Jesus has taught doesn’t seem to be among their creed. As in, name-calling.

  5. 7 vuee 2010 March 29 at 1:45 pm

    Politicians ought not to be paid more than a junior doctor, and should not be allowed to profit by influence, nor represent commercial interests when in office or if they leave office, not to engage in any kind of business where their former influence, connections, and friends can benefit them for a period of not less than ten years after leaving office.

    I certainly agree. I’m not sure what the answer is aside from your suggestion– fact-check — and from the greater society understanding that “government” is themselves, not some enemy “they”. “Government” isn’t a physical entity. (there are the voters and then those others who don’t vote. I suspect the Palin et al. rhetoric is not necessarily directed to actual voters.) **

    If enough voters don’t demand fact checking and don’t question, then we do get folks in office who don’t fact check, who don’t think, and who don’t govern.

    It is a mess.

    PS– ** a third point, have enough older people around to remember when things were different, and could be changed again.

    Do you read the Alaska Mudflats?
    also, Millard Fillmore’s Bathtub,

    Keep the faith.

  6. 8 vuee 2010 March 29 at 1:48 pm

    As others have noted re: Sarah P and health care. Her children and grandchildren all receive government-sponsored health care, which I haven’t heard her renounce for her family.

    [The health-care accrues to all enrolled members of recognized tribal governments, in lieu of land and sovereignty given up to the US government.)

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