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Old age ‘is no bar to sharp mind’

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Research suggests the elderly store memories differently
Being older is no bar to having a razor sharp mind – but it may well work in a different way, US scientists suggest.

A Johns Hopkins University team, who studied rats, found older animals stored memories in a different way than younger ones.

Why are some people mentally productive until late old age – such as the philosopher Bertrand Russell, and why do others not show this resilience – such as the writer Iris Murdoch?
Professor Shane O’Mara, Trinity College Dublin


Creative Retirement Manitoba Home Page

They have loads of resourecs including a listing of SCIP Senior Centres & Clubs (SeniorsCan Information Program). Wasilla senior center is part of this. Bethel is not. Other info inlcudes–

Health Line – ask medical questions, especially the proper use of drugs
Ask Great-Granny – where do grandparents and parents go for advice with family problems?
Guide to Computing- tips, glossary, components on computing
Seniors’ Home Pages is a list of the home pages of seniors on the Internet
Seniors Clubs and Centres
Seniors Job Bureaus

* All people have the right of access to education
* Lifelong learning promotes intellectual, physical, emotional and social well-being
* The well-being of individuals and the health of communities are interdependent
* Retirement presents a creative opportunity for individuals and communities
* People of all backgrounds and ages learn, grow and change
* Older people govern Creative Retirement and deliver its programs

Mission: Creative Retirement Manitoba promotes the health and well-being of individuals and communities through developing and offering innovative learning opportunities with and for older persons.

Who are we?

* Creative Retirement is a not-for-profit organization devoted to life-long learning.
* We are firm believers in mental stimulation as a major factor in good health and longevity.
* We provide interesting and informative programs for people of varied interests.
* We offer programs at affordable prices.


* To enrich retirement years with educational programs.
* To make it possible for retired individuals to continue to be productive members of society by sharing their talents and skills, by facilitating courses or by taking part in our Seniors and Students Together program.

Wasilla Area Seniors

Welcome to the Wasilla Area Seniors, Inc. web site. WASI operates the Floyd Smith Senior Center that serves the seniors of the greater Wasilla Alaska Area. We provide meals, rides, information, social activities, and senior housing. Our mission is to fulfill the intent of the Older Americans Act.
We are open Monday through Friday from 8 am to 4 pm.

O’Folks (off their rocker)

Old age isn't a disease.

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