Senior softball champion is an enigma even to his teammates

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Friday, November 18, 2005
Senior softball champion is an enigma even to his teammates
Sixty-four-year-old John Meeden is regarded as the best player out of the two million aging baby boomers who belong to "senior softball" leagues, but nobody knows much about him, even his teammates. J.R. Moehringer of the LA Times traveled to St. Louis to see if he could find out more about the mysterious Meeden. It’s a wonderfully-written piece.

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  1. 1 Rebecca bagby 2013 April 12 at 5:42 pm

    I used to hang out with John meeden in the early seventies in Alton il. He used to pick me up at high school and we would take a rude down the great river road. . He drove a ’57 Chevy (robin egg blue)–jacked up in back. He worked at a flour mill on the riverfront at that time. He was an avid runner at theymca Indoor track. I have a newspaper clipping of him running! He loved to play tennis!! I used to watch him many times. I remember watching him play softball. He was also in our Harley club. We ride as a group down to southern mo to pick up an old bike called an Indian. He lived to ride. Some of the guys in the club said he was in the Vietnam war. When he came back—he wasn’t the same. They told me he was shell shocked. I moved to Indiana and lost touch after group disbanded. I saw him in Alton sitting on a bench on Washington ave. I was visiting my family in alton. We talked a few minutes. And I had to drive back to Indiana I never saw him again. He was very sensitive and kind. He said his wife didn’t like to talk so we spent many hours talking. He always had long hair. The greatest smile and blue eyes. Sometimes he would just hang his head as if deep in thought. To say goodbye. He would just nod his head once.

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