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Our checklists are designed to help you select care providers that best meet your needs. You can view the checklist for any service type simply by clicking on ‘checklist’ in the table below. You may also click on any service type to learn about it.

Print the checklists before you visit or speak with potential care providers and they’ll remind you what to look for and what to ask. Your completed checklists will make it easier to compare providers and make informed decisions.

In-Home Care
Home Care Services checklist
Home Health Care checklist
Hospice checklist
Home-Delivered Meals checklist
Community Health and Social Services
Adult Day Services checklist
Meal Programs checklist
Senior Center checklist
Transportation checklist
Medical Services
Rehabilitation Services checklist
Residential Facilities
Assisted Living checklist
Board and Care Home checklist
Congregate Housing checklist
Hospice checklist
Independent Living Community checklist
Nursing Home checklist
Care Coordination and Other Services
Care Manager checklist
Elder Law Attorney checklist
Long-Term Care Insurance checklist

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senior citizen center – Audit

DFTA conducts one formal survey and assessment of each senior citizen center every year. This survey is comprised of inspections by a program officer and a nutritionist. While most of this survey relates to the center’s social and nutritional programs, the survey also addresses the maintenance of the center. The DFTA survey assessment reports identify service and maintenance issues that the center must address by indicated due dates. In addition to notifying the center about problems that must be corrected, DFTA program officers are required to notify the DFTA Facilities Management unit when they identify a center that requires renovations. Facilities Management staff—those at the agency with expertise on technical building requirements—do not routinely visit centers to determine the need for renovations.

The objective of this audit was to determine the effectiveness of DFTA’s efforts to ensure the proper maintenance of its senior citizen centers in terms of the centers’ safety, cleanliness, physical condition, and accessibility.
Based on these reviews, we developed a checklist of items to inspect during our visits. This checklist was revised and refined based on our visits to three judgmentally selected centers. …

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