Making Reports to Adult Protective Services

Senior and Disabilities Services, State of Alaska: Report of Harm form

What Must be Reported to APS?

Any incident in which a vulnerable adult suffers harm from abandonment, abuse, exploitation, neglect or self-neglect.

Is there Immunity from Liability?

Persons who make reports in good faith are immune from liability and protected by law from retaliation.

How is Confidentiality Protected?

Investigatory reports and reports of the abandonment, abuse, exploitation, neglect or self-neglect of a vulnerable adult are confidential and are not subject to public inspection and copying. Investigative reports may be used by appropriate agencies or individuals inside and outside the state in connection with investigations or judicial proceedings involving the abandonment, abuse, exploitation, neglect or self-neglect of a vulnerable adult. Individuals who report abandonment, abuse, exploitation, neglect or self-neglect of a vulnerable adult may remain anonymous.

Who is Required to Report? includes

  • Members of the clergy
  • Employees of service grant agencies funded by Department of Administration for the provision of services to older Alaskans, the Department of Health and Social Services, and the Council on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault
  • Any person may report

Guiding Principles of Adult Protection

  • When interests compete, the adult client is the person APS is charged to serve; not the community concerned about safety, the landlord concerned about property, citizens concerned about crime or morality, or families concerned about their own health or finances.
  • When interests compete, the adult client is in charge of decision-making until she or he voluntarily delegates responsibility to another or the court grants responsibility to another.
  • Freedom is more important than safety. The person can choose to live in harm or even self-destructively provided she or he has the capacity to choose, does not harm others, and commits no crime.
  • In the ideal case, protection of adults seeks to achieve simultaneously, and in order of importance: freedom, safety, least disruption of life-style and least restrictive care alternative.

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